International Voip

  • 01. High Quality VOIP calling over any mobile connectionOur award-winning SIP software clients are available for all popular mobile and desktop operating systems. Our Mobile softphones works well over Wi-Fi/3G/Edge and GPRS with high quality Voice.
  • 02. Cheapest international calls ever. We guarantee our call rates are cheaper, it is cheaper than you can imagine. Surprisingly enough,we maintain the quality at top.

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Unblocked VPN VoIP

Our VOIP services will also in those countries where VOIP is blocked.

TeleGlobe VOIP services helps VoIP service allows users to bypass call restrictions in geographies where firewalls or blockages for VoIP exist, or to use mobile VoIP services in low bandwidth areas.

Our SIP calling software has majorly two benefits- first, it helps in bypassing internet firewall and second, it reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 80% at the originating end.


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Free VoIP

  • 01. Bonus Points. We pay back the loyalty, in real cash.! 10 recharges will qualify you for one more free recharge. Thats 10% more discount for you international calls.
  • 02. International VOIP Calling Plans. You can use our service from a computer, mobile phone, public phones or just send us sms we will call you back.
  • 03. Make Free calls to any other user on teleglobe Network. Yes, you will not pay us anything to talk with somone else using teleglobe voip software.

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