+How to start using Teleglobe VOIP Freedom Calling?
Register by filling in the application form here . After successful registration, you will get a confirmation email to the email address just used during registration process. Please click on the activation link you just received, your account will be active on our server after this confirmation step. Login to your customer portal using the link here, use the username and password sent along with the activation email. Once successfully logged in user portal, click on ‘Pay Now’ at home page to complete payment. You can pay using paypal online or moneybookers. If you don’t have a paypal/moneybookers account, please get in touch with support@teleglobenet.com, we will help you to manage the payment.

Note : For Security Reasons many of Teleglobe VOIP freedom Calling customers restrict destinations countries where they can call to. This protects your account from misuse in case of an accidental theft of login details.

+How can I get in touch with Teleglobe VOIP Freedom Calling?
Leave us an e-mail at support@teleglobenet.com, The recommended way is to open a support ticket on our support site.An automated ticket will be generated by the ticketing system. After the ticket is created by system, you will be able to track and update the ticket through the same support portal. You can also reach us on direct support contact number +1 718 208 1661

Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling provides very cheap phone calls to international destinations. We also sell you DID
(inbound VOIP numbers) in 60 countries. Please reach us sales@teleglobenet.com for further details.

+Which countries can use your service?
Our services are available worldwide. From any part of the world where the Internet is available.
+How is your voice quality ?
Since our voice switch is directly connected with destinations country’s telecom companies, Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling can provide you the actual telecom grade voice quality for VOIP.

Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling IP Softphones are built with specialized technologies to deal with low bandwidth Internet (like low speed DSL or 2G etc..

+What is the minimum top-up amount for Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling?
We require $10 minimum payment. There is no monthly fee and you are free to use this credit in any period of time.
+How fast will my payment be processed?
It depends on the payment system you use. Payments by Credit Cards,paypal and Moneybookers are processed instantly. Bank transfers may take up to 4 working days. Money Gram and western union transfers will be processed within one business day. As soon as we receive your payment, your account will be instantly credited.
+What are Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling bank details for wire transfer?
For Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling bank details, please, contact our billing team: support@teleglobenet.com
+Are there any taxes applied and do you offer a reseller program?
No, there are no taxes applied. Yes, we do provide with reseller program. We offer attractive reseller discounts if you can generate certain revenue per-requisites. If interested in reselling Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling services, please contact us on sales@teleglobenet.com
+How can I access my recent calls/CDR online and how can I check the most updated current call rate?
Log in to the customer portal here . click on the green colored ‘History’ button on top, or else click on ‘History’ link on left side of the screen.
To check the updated call rate, click on the green colored ‘Know Your Rate’ button on top, or else click on ‘Know Your Rate’ link on left side of the screen. Enter the the destination number you want to call to get the exact call rate per minute.

A very detailed Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling customer portal user guide can be downloaded here . Acrobat PDF reader is required to read the document.

+How often do you update the rate sheet?
Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling rates will updated whenever there is a change in our supplier’s price. But here again, we think creative and in customer’s favour. If our telecom partners increase the calling, we will not increase the call rate immediately, 99% of the time we will not increase the call rate at all. We will only increase the price of a given destination only if the difference is big and something we cant afford. But in the other hand, if our telecom supplier partner decreases the call rates from the current rate, we will have the reduction reflected on your accounts immediately.

The current rate sheet is always available in Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling website. But keep in your mind that you can always check the most updated call rates from the customer portal.

+How do I receive an invoice?
You can view your invoices and call specifications online at any time. The invoices are available online up to 1 year after the invoice date, invoices older than 1 year are no longer available, therefore please ensure you print or copy invoices to your PC before they expire.
+Which payment methods does Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling offer?
We offer the following payment methods: PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express), Moneybookers, MoneyGram.

+Is it safe if you keep the Credit Card information in your system?
Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling cannot keep the credit card information in our system, as we don’t have this information. The credit card information is only available to our merchant gateway, for instance companies like paypal , if you are paying via it.
+How do the customers report a problem?
in such case you are welcome to write about your problem to support@teleglobenet.com or contact us thtough the online support portal here. A ticket will be opened and you can track it online. Your problem will be solved in a maximum of three hours.

If you happened to purchase our calling services through a reseller in your city, you can directly approach them with the complaint, these agents has a better/escalated way for reaching us.

+I have lost my username and/or password. What should I do?
Visit here, click on the ‘Forgot your password’ link. You will be prompted to enter the email id associated with your Teleglobe freedom calling account. We will send you the password and username to the registered email id.

If you don’t know which email id you used while registering with Teleglobe VOIP frteedom calling, get in touch with our support team at support@teleglobenet.com , we will help you out.

+I am experiencing connection problems. Where do I report these and what are you doing about it?
Should you experience connection problems, please open a support ticket immediately here in the support area or write to support@teleglobenet.com. Please be as specific as possible regarding date & time, destination and description of the problem.
Every report is immediately forwarded to our engineers,who need the most detailed information to take the proper measures as soon as possible.
Regardless, any connection problem is handled with high priority.

+How can I test your service?
1. Register to open an account with Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling at www.teleglobenet.com registration is free, doesn’t involve any payment. You will get 1$ free talk time immediately after completing the registration.
+How to dial an international number using Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling?
From Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling software, just dial the destination as usual, either E164 format or with preceding 00s. For example a UK number, you can start dialing 44XXXXXXXXX or 0044XXXXXXXXX.
+Does Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling also support H.323?
No, Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling offers only SIP protocol.
+I want to connect to your softswitch with IP address instead of domain name, what are your IP addresses?
You can connect to IP address. This is a loadbalanced IP address where many softswitches are working behind this single IP address.
+I can't connect to your SIP server by using fixed IP addresses. Can I connect by using Username & Password?
Yes you can. For this purpose get in touch with support@teleglobenet.com. You will be given all very details how to get connected with soft-switches through different methods.
+Which codecs are supported?
The following codecs are supported: G729 / G723/ G.711 A / G.711 U.
+Is Asterisk supported?
Yes, most devices that use SIP protocol are supported.
+How to configure Asterisk(Gateway)?
Samples of Asterisk configuration are brought below.
Frirst thing, you need to edit sip.conf file under /etc/asterisk folder

[TeleglobeVOIP] type=peer

Then edit extensions.conf

[to-TeleglobeVOIP] exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/TeleglobeVOIP/${EXTEN})
exten => _X.,n,Hangup()

At the end reload Asterisk and check.

+How to configure Asterisk registration?
Check out the configuration details below.


[YOUR_USERNAME] type=peer


[to-TeleglobeVOIP] exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@YOUR_USERNAME)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

At the end reload Asterisk and check.

+How to configure Linksys PAP2(Registration)?
Linksys PAP2 configuration example
Line Enable: yes
SIP Port: 5060
Proxy: cs.coolprotocol.com
Register: yes
Display Name: YOUR USER NAME
Use Auth ID: yes
Preferred Codec: G729a

+How to configure eyeBeam(Registration)?
Sample of eyeBeam configuration:

SIP Accounts

Enable this SIP account – check this box
Display Name – YOUR_USERNAME
Authorization user name – YOUR_USERNAME
Domain – cs.coolprotocol.com
Register with domain – check this box

All other settings leave as default.

+What will my phone provider charge?
We’ll charge the international leg of the call at our low rates.
Your phone provider will charge zero. When you are making calls using Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling services, you are not all connected with your phone company. You are using the Internet to make phone calls, it is as simple as sending emails and sending pictures over internet.
+Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?

We believe in being fair and transparent, so we only charge the amounts we show on our site. When you make a payment we give you the full amount as calling credit, and we will only charge you the per minute rate for calls as shown on our site. There are no connection charges, maintenance or service charges, or other hidden fees.
If there are any other charges on your statement and you are outside of the UK this could be a charge made by your bank. Some US banks, but not all, charge for overseas transactions, you will need to contact your bank about this issue. We do have the PayPal option at our checkout for anyone who wants to avoid extra charges from their bank.
You can find our full list of prices here

+Can I use the service while I’m away or roaming?

Yes, you can make calls from anywhere in the world, to anywhere. There wont be any additional charges for your calls from the telecom company or from the hotel you staying.

+Will the app work if I am roaming in another country?

The app will still work and Localphone’s low rates will still apply. Make sure you have a relaible, cheap Internet connectivity, thats all what you need to talk to the world. Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling service is a real freedom to communicate.
To avoid high roaming charges contact your mobile provider or you can use a SIM local to the country you are visiting.

+How do I uninstall the app?
The app can be uninstalled from your Android phone at any time by the usual means. If you reinstall the app after deleting it from your phone you will be required to complete the set up process again.
+How much will it cost to call?
Localphone charge a very low per-minute rate to connect your call internationally. This charge will be deducted from your pre-paid credit.
The current Localphone rates can be found in the app or on our website.
+Can I use the Teleglobe VOIP freedom calling app abroad?
The best way to use our app when you’re abroad is to call using the WiFi mode. Make sure that you switch off 3G in your phones settings so you don’t pay any roaming charges. Some country telecom providers offer very cheap mobile 3G plans, in that case it makes sense to use 3G as well. But please confirm the 3G data rates before you use it.
+What’s WiFi / 3G calls?
When you’re in this mode your calls will be made using your Internet connection. That means you won’t have to pay your phone provider for the cost of a local call. Make sure you have a good WiFi / 3G connection before switching to this mode.
+Will the Teleglobe VOIP call use WiFi or 3G?
When you’re in WiFi / 3G calls mode the call will be made using your WiFi connection if available. If no WiFi connection can be found the call will be made using 3G.